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ABS Anti-lock Braking System


Anti-lock Braking System ABS full name is Anti-lock Brake System, namely ABS, can be installed on any car with hydraulic brakes. It uses a rubber airbag inside the valve body. When the brake is depressed, the brake fluid is given pressure and flooded into the body of the ABS. At this time, the airbag uses the intermediate air compartment to return the pressure, so that the wheel can avoid the deadlock. When the wheel is about to reach the next lock point, the pressure of the brake oil makes the airbag repeat the action, so that it can act 60 to 120 times in one second, which is equivalent to stopping and relaxing constantly, which is similar to the mechanical "point brake". Therefore, the ABS anti-suppression system can avoid the loss of control in the direction of emergency braking and the side slippage of the wheels, so that the wheels will not be locked during braking and will not allow the tires to rub against the ground at one point, thereby increasing friction. The braking efficiency can reach more than 90%, and at the same time, the brake consumption can be reduced, and the service life of brake drums, discs and tires can be extended twice.The anti-slip performance of vehicles equipped with ABS in dry asphalt road, rainy days and snow days can reach respectively. 80% - 90%, 30% - 10%, 15% - 20%.
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